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Handcraft Lavender Body Wash 16 oz

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    • LAVENDER OIL BATH WASH - Lavender oil is a favorite one and well known for its soothing benefits on the skin. It can help improve signs of aging and freshen and brighten aging skin. It helps wash away dirt and impurities and soothe dry irritated skin. Its fresh and floral scent has calming effects on the body and mind. It is said to be a stress relief for tension and anxiety.
    • NOURISHING BODY WASH FOR WOMEN AND MEN – A detoxifying body wash which assists with deeply cleansing the skin and removing dead skin cells. A great skin dry moisturizer for women and men that can be applied to full body, hands and feet. Use this shower and bath soap for fresher, younger and healthier looking skin and to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.
    • ACNE AND ECZEMA BODY WASH – Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender oil can help improve oily and acne prone skin. Lavender full body wash is the perfect bath wash moisturizer for irritated, itchy and dry skin. Commonly used as a treatment and relief for eczema and other dry skin conditions.
    • ANTI AGING BODY SOAP – Lavender has anti-aging properties which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and other signs of aging. This natural body wash lavender is made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter which help soften and smoothen the skin for a brighter and younger complexion. Use this anti-aging moisturizer full body wash lavender to help soften your skin for a cleaner and smoother feeling.
    • STRESS RELIEF BATH SOAP – This calming body wash boosts utmost relaxation and peace of mind. Lavender oil has a scent that is a wonderful blend of fresh, clean and floral aroma. Unwind and relax yourself with this refreshing body soap during a bath or shower. A great stress relief gift for women and men which gently helps clean and soothe at the same time. A great choice for use as a mens body wash and womens body wash.

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