Our Story

Handcraft Blends was born when we realized that most Aromatherapy and Bath & Body products cost way too much--and for completely avoidable reasons. For instance, did you know that commissioned salespeople often get a 30% cut of the product's price? What if you could avoid paying that extra 30% by simply skipping the middleman? Our purpose is to give you the chance to do just that--get the right prices on the right products whenever you need them.


Our Products

Produced in an FDA-approved cGMP Facility, each of our signature offerings is totally paraben- and sulfate-free. And because we care about social responsibility, we take the time to make sure every ingredient is ethically sourced and produced in a cruelty-free way. Both our initial line of products and our soon-to-be-released essential oils are produced with these parameters.


Our Values

Here at Handcraft Blends, our core belief is that everyone should have easy, affordable access to great bath and body products. Whether you have a lot of free spending money or not shouldn't make a difference. We know the industry currently has a big markup problem, so we're working to fix that by getting products straight to you at prices that will make you look twice--in a good way! Our core values include:

  • Delivering the best products with the least markup
  • Making high-end products available to more people for everyday use
  • Maximizing the efficacy of our products by mixing small batches often for ultimate freshness
  • Fulfilling our social responsibility through sourcing ethically and donating to charity


Our Team

Handcraft Blends is a small business operated by a husband-and-wife team with the goal of improving your life by offering better, more affordable access to top-quality, ethically sourced products. Based in Austin, Texas, our business brings you the beauty products and healthy living products you deserve, even if you couldn't afford them before.