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    • 100% PURE & NATURAL SESAME SEED OIL – Our USDA Organic Sesame oil is unfiltered, undiluted, without any additives or fillers. Rich in vitamins B & E, it is truly a multipurpose oil for hair care and skin care.
    • SESAME OIL FOR SKIN – Sesame body oil is known for its soothing abilities and can help calm rashes, inflammation, and redness. Boosts skin health and assists with clearing dead skin cells, improving scars and dark spots.
    • SESAME OIL FOR HAIR – Sesame oil is full of nutrients for hair care which makes it a great hair oil for dry damaged hair. Helps promote healthy hair growth, soothes scalp and hair, and protects it from UV rays.
    • DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILS – Since essential oils are so potent, they require a carrier oil for essential oils mixing before being applied to skin. Can be used as an aromatherapy carrier oil and massage oil.
    • IMPORTED FROM MEXICO - Our sesame oil organic does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is cruelty free.

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